February 10, 2012

My Job As A Circus Performer

Entertaining a toddler all day, every day can make you feel like a very exhausted circus performer. It's easy to get in a rut and perform the same "acts" over and over. So, another one of my New Year's resolutions was to have one new activity each day for Landon. Sometimes they are uber simple, others have a little more prep or clean-up involved. Some are a hit; some he's done in two minutes.

Toddler Activities this Week
  • Shaving Cream Paint: Added some food coloring to shaving cream and painted on foil. Landon hates anything messing so it was fun until he got a little on his fingers.
  • Masking Tape Car Track: My boy is obsessed with cars and trucks. We had fun chasing each other around the track with his cars.
  • Tent Time: Landon loves tents. Everyday he comes up to me and asks for one. We read in them, eat in them, watch Signing Time or Cars in them, etc...Pretty much everything becomes ten times more fun when done in a tent.
  • Ice Cube Play: This was a no-go. I froze some ice cubes with food coloring and dumped them out in a bowl with various tools to mix them around. We did this in the summer and he loved it. This time he was instantly turned off after he touched the blue ice cube and it stained his fingers.
  • Ball Throw: NEW FAVORITE. Landon actually came up with this one. He asked to go in his crib with all his balls and started throwing them out to me. I threw them back. This exchange lasted an hour. An hour. In toddler time that is absolutely shocking. And he's wanted to do this every day since, for at least half an hour.

Don't leave the masking tape more than a day or it was get really hard to take out of the carpet.

I just had to include these cute picts of Landon reading. He used to read all kinds of books. Now the only ones he'll pick up are books about cars and trucks. (Of course.) We've pretty much cleaned out the library of all theirs. :)

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stacy marie said...

super mom :)

that is so funny how much he is into cars. it looks like he is so active too from your pictures. like one activity done, what's next mom?! haha. But lest we not forget Becca! I hope you are doing wonderful things for yourself once in a while too! spa day, movie night out with the girls, shopping for cute girly things etc... ;)

Danielle said...

You are such a fun mom! I hope he doesn't tire you out.

The Winns said...

Stacy! Wonderful things for myself? That would be oh so nice. :) Maybe someday...

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