February 26, 2012

Indoor Waterless Slip 'n Slide

Or in other words, how to get more use out of your Sunday paper and entertain a toddler for hours on end.

I get three Sunday papers for couponing purposes. Once I've pulled all the ads I want to save, I'm left with quite a stack of newsprint. A week ago, we ripped apart all the pages and inserts and scattered them across the living room floor. This was pure heaven for Landon. He wants to play with newspaper all the time now. Here are some of his favorite things to do...

Newspaper Activities
If you don't get a paper, save up all those random store ads and sale flyers you get in the mail!
  • Snow! Snow! This is what Landon says when he wants to play with newspaper. His favorite activity by far is to pretend we are in a snow storm. The more different sized pieces of paper you have, the better. (So they all fall at different speeds.)
  • Rollin, Rollin, Rollin! We rolled back and forth from one side of the room to the other.
  • Slip 'n Slide! Put on some socks, then run and slide on the paper. Laugh. Repeat.
  • Pile it! Landon would lay down, I'd cover him with a huge pile of paper and he would bounce up and fling it all off. Could also bury stuffed animals, dad, etc...
  • Rip it! Landon really enjoyed helping me rip up the paper. He would rip his pieces so small that you could barely hold them.
  • Stash it! I placed the ottoman so it was only about six inches away form the couch. L would grab handfuls of paper and stuff them into the gap, then go back for more until it was filled to the brim.
  • Mache it! I love doing paper mache. Maybe today I'll get brave and attempt it with Landon...

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Danielle said...

Yes, you are super mom! What fun ideas but does he know how to clean up the papers?
Paper mache. . . I always had to gear up my courage to do that once a year when I taught school. So messy but fun.

Here's one of my favorite mom quotes. I'll be you'll like it to.
"A good mom is one who lets her kids lick the beaters. A great mom is one who turns the mixer off first."

Danielle said...

I'll bet you'll like it, too.

The Winns said...

Hahaha! That's a great quote, Danielle; thanks!!!

Jenessa said...

I love reading your blog Becca! You are such an awesome mom! One day I hope to be as fun and creative as you. :)

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