January 21, 2012

Escaping the TV Vortex

Well, it's official. I finally showed Landon the movie, Cars, and life will never be the same again. I think we've probably watched it about 57 times. Strangely enough though, I'm even not sick of it yet. Of course he wants to watch it all the time, and to prevent a tantrum when I say, "no TV" I need to have some fun options. Fast. Soooooo, here are some of Landon's new favorite activities:

A Few Favorite Toddler Activities:

Pipe Cleaner Push: This is a Pringles can covered in scrapbook paper with holes in the lid. The pipe cleaners are all different sizes, with the sharp ends folded over and twisted around.

Texture Soup: We mix around oatmeal, rice, dried beans, etc... He loves working with the little teaspoon and tablespoon measures the best.

Cushion Obstacle Course: We made this today and it was so much fun. We also like to stack all the cushions up and make a mountain to climb.

Porcupine Play Dough: L just recently became interested in play dough. He used to hate touching it. I think sticking all the Popsicle sticks into is what really caught his interest in the dough.

Water Drop: Anything with water is a winner. I fill a bunch of small containers with water, give him coins, sponges, beads, etc... and let him at it. Even though I use a 9x13 pan to keep it all contained, we always end up with a nice wet floor.

The Phone: I really just needed a sixth picture so I stuck this one in. Thankfully Scott has an old ipod touch so every time I need to make a call, Landon can too. But, being the little tech saavy kid he is, he knows that it is not the same as the iphone and gets really frustrated when it won't do the same things the iphone will.
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Danielle said...

Too cute! I am so impressed with your ideas and what you get Landon involved with--what a teacher/mom you are.
I always thought it was easier to keep them entertained like that than just veg-out for the day. It has great pay-backs.
Loved the poster with Landon, too.

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