November 7, 2011

Rock Climbing

Last week I had to take a photo for the next Humor U Poster. Since Scott was still filming Fubalous, Landon came with. Of course this one was conveniently located up in the canyon; with a nice 10 minute hike to get there. And it would have been nice... had I not been running late and trying to wobble/jog up the trail with Landon struggling to get out of his carrier, only to find when I got there that the guy wouldn't arrive for another 30 minutes. Good. Grief. At least that meant I had some time for a Landon photo shoot:

And here's the poster to thank for the whole excursion:

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Heather said...

I love the new blog design and pics!! I really like all the fall colors.

Meg & Taylor said...

Beautiful pictures becca. How many of those photo shoots do you have to do for Humor U?

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