November 24, 2011


Fall has always been my least favorite season. Yes, the red, orange, and yellow leaves are beautiful, but I can't stop thinking about how those leaves used to be green (and the weather warm!), and soon they will be gone altogether. Growing up in Washington is probably a big factor in why fall hasn't been appealing to me. The Pacific Northwest sure isn't known for deciduous trees, and when those few trees did shed their leaves, they quickly turned to wet mush. Well, if living in Utah has taught me nothing else, it has taught me to appreciate fall. Landon and I took quite a few walks out in the brisk, fresh air with the sun warming our backs, while stomping on all those crunchy leaves. If we ever get out of this dang place, it will truly be one thing I miss.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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Candice said...

You are so good at taking pictures!! I am so impressed! I almost want the last one to frame in my house!!

Meg & Taylor said...

I LOVE all of your pics Becca. That's it! I'm getting a new camera!!!

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