October 17, 2011


One of the reminders I get every month or two that Landon is in fact growing... His feet just get bigger. And bigger. And bigger. I'm sad that his Toms don't fit any more, and that it's definitely not practical to get him another pair with wetter weather on the way. So, after going to four stores, Landon and I finally found these that fit all the qualifications I was looking for. Now if only my feet grew as much as his; I would have an excuse to get new shoes all the time too. But then I would have ginormous feet. Probably not worth it.

(And I know, this picture makes them look HUGE. They are size 6. I should have stuck one of Scott's shoes in the frame also. Oh well.)

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The Cunninghams said...

He does have big feet! What a good excuse to lok for adorable shoes though.

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