September 4, 2011

Watermelons, Dinos, and Stamps! Oh My!

As I've mentioned before, Landon just loves to help out. He tried with all his might to pick up this watermelon and carry it into the kitchen for me. No success. At least it made for a good seat.

Last weekend when we were racking our brains for a fun indoor activity, we decided on the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. I was a little hesitant (having never been before) and thought Landon might not enjoy the exhibits because everything was already dead. (Our other option was the zoo.) Boy, was I wrong! There were so many cool things he could touch and play with. Scott and I loved reading all the fascinating information (and could have definitely stayed longer than two hours, but by then Landon was pooped).

They had a sweet Physics of Motion exhibit as well. After a little coxing, this ended up being Landon's favorite part. Such a fun outing!

One of my secret obsessions is stamps. If you're going to mail something, it deserves a cute stamp, right? I've been waiting all month for the post office to get these in, and finally they arrived! I get giddy just thinking about using them. I know, I'm a nerd.

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The Cunninghams said...

That place does look cool. I always wanted to go, so I'm glad I at least got to see your pictures.

Courtney said...

So jealous about the stamps! Love them. Also I got your book exchange thing all sent out finally (I was actually shocked at how many of my friends didn't want to do it) You should get books from the dyers, villuets, dukes, Murphys, longs, and smiths. I hope you get them all. I am waiting patiently for mine! Thanks for inviting me! and hopefully your friend got hers from me!

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

I'm not into stamps, but I think I would even get excited about those! You guys are the cutest. Miss ya Beccers!

Mom said...

Even his upset look is adorable - but then that's easy for me to say being so far away! Love that little guy to pieces!!

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