September 22, 2011

Our Latest Adventures

I have been looking forward to the Utah State Farm for quite a while now. For one reason or another, each year we're never able to go. And come to think of it, I haven't been to a decent fair since I was probably 10. And at that age, the fair is the happenin' place. So obviously, expectations were high. A couple weeks ago, when we attempted to drive to the fair, traffic was so horrendous that the GPS asked if we wanted to switch to pedestrian mode. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the fair that day.

So, this past Friday was the day. Yay!
Used up half our stash of cash on parking. Of course.
Greeted by the overpowering stench of livestock. Yummy.
Gave into pressure and wasted 5 bucks on a stupid game. Trickery.
Took Landon through the "Little Hands on the Farm" Exhibit. Tantrums.
Counted every penny in my purse to pay for the big slide ride for Landon and me. $0.10 short.
Searched the park for a dime. Nothing.
Finally got up the courage to look like an idiot, and ask someone for one. Score!
Walked to the slide thinking, at least this will be fun. Rain falls.
Find the slide closed due to moisture. Eff.
Treked back to the car. Soaked.

The day after the fair fiasco, we went to our very first college football game. (We're not sports peeps, ok?) We scored free tickets from a friend. It wasn't just any game either, it was the "Holy War" against the two state rivals. Great fun, until Landon was done, then it was time to go. At least were able to see half of it.

Side note: In the middle right picture below, Landon is signing more.
Side note #2: We got to see Jimmer talking to President Uchtdorf before the game. Hence the red arrow.

Lately, Landon's been getting really cuddly and I just love it. He's also been giving kisses on the cheek and lips when I ask for them. Sometimes he even surprises me and turns my face toward him to plant a kiss on it, all on his own accord. And when he gives hugs, he'll pats my back now too. Gosh, I love him.

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The Cunninghams said...

Cute! I love baby uddles. Sorry about the fair. Did you do the Puyallup? I used to love that fair.

The Dayleys said...

Darling update. As always I love your photos!! Landon is getting SO big and what a handsome little man. Also you guys look good in blue :) Not that I care much about football lol.

Danielle said...

Too bad about the fair happenings. Sure makes a great story, though.
Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

Hahaha-I like your thoughts on the fair. You're pretty funny Becca :) I can't get over how cute landon is. And you are probably the youngest looking mommy I know! (That's a compliment :) ) You're so cute!

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