July 9, 2011

My New, Super Random Job

Over the past seven years I've had a handful of different jobs. Let's review:

Hostess at South Pacific Chinese Restaurant
Ice Cream Scooper at Coldstone
Paper Scanner for a Mortgage Company
Hostess at Teton Grille
Telesurvey Person at Western Watts (Made it two weeks before getting out of there.)
Salesperson at Mervyns
TA for an El ED Physics Lab at BYU-I
Art Model (Yes, this was the all-time low. Sitting for 4 hours without moving while people painted my face.)
Art Department Secretary (Promoted! Thank goodness for good friends who can hook you up.)
3rd Grade Teacher
Craft Services for various film productions (The one who provides the food. I still do this on many of Scott's shoots.)

Geez, I forgot there were so many. So, I wasn't looking for a job but through a series of random events, I'm now the BYU Humor U Stand Up Comedy Group Designer. Could that be any more of a mouthful? I design their posters. I enjoy it. I can do it at home. And I get a few extra bucks. Niiiice! So far, it hasn't been too exciting though, because they are just continuing with a previous ad campaign. However, for the coming show they wanted a "generic 11x17 with a color background and show info." Voila!

What's the most random job you've had?

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Jami said...

I hear you about the random job thing--I should write all of mine down, too. Makes a woman feel proud and productive :)

You are absolutely PERFECT for this job and they are lucky, lucky to have you. The poster looks amazing!

Your fourth of July looks like it was a blast and (I know it's was a while ago...) I also loved Landon's 1st b-day party. Truly in Becca-style it was gorgeous and oh-so-classy!

Love you!

Erin and Devin said...

So funny... You and I have had two of the same jobs... Well three if you count teaching... I used to work at Coldstone Creamery... and I was a Face model for the art classes at BYU-I. How funny. I wonder if you were the secretary when I was a face model. Hmmm.. Good times! By the way, Landon's hair is absolutely adorable! I love it!

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

That's awesome Becca!!!! I need to find a job to fill some of my time this summer. Have no idea what to do--Walmart greeter?

Brent and Nicole Wilcox said...

LOL, your job list sounds a lot like mine. Somehow I got thrown into having a photography job for about 2.5 years. Developing and taking them. While I love photography to this day I have no idea how I was hired for those things. I also sold websites my freshman year which lasted about 3 months. Congrats on the new job, you will be perfect!

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