February 7, 2011

The Grand Tour

Come on in! Here's the tour of our new place...

We are the top right. Finally! After two years of living below people, it's about time we are the ones on top.
The madness before unpacking. Wish I had a before before picture. Two guys had been living in it for five years. The carpets were blue, really old and worn, and the walls were pretty much black from who knows what. It. was. so. dirty.
And after.
In the corner where the previous photo is taken is this storage closet. The left half is full of boxes and the right will be our pantry. Yay! A place to stock up on food!
The hallway. It is located to the left of the kitchen. (The wall on the left in this picture is the wall in the living room with the bookcase and painting of us.)
All the storage closets in the hallway!! Three! Love it! (This picture is taken from Landon's room.)
Bathroom (from hallway).
Landon's room. (In panoramic form, hence the weird warping.)
Our room.
Walk-in closet. Niiiiiiiiice.
Our bedroom has a door to the bathroom as well. Love how connected everything is.
And last but not least, Scott's office.
The end. We love love love our new place. Let's hope we don't have to move for a while...
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Kirsteen said...

Oh wow! It's so awesome! So much space! So glad the manager replaced the carpets and cleaned it up! What a mess that would have been. The storage space is amazing! Finally! And look at all the walls for all of your pictures! Woohoo!
I can't wait to come and visit...

Brent and Nicole Wilcox said...

Looks awesome!! Is this place in Provo? I guess I missed the blog post where you guys moved to. But I recognize the building... Congrats on getting settled in, that is the worst!

Courtney said...

So awesome! I love it. Can't wait to see your mad decorating skills. I was just thinking of that picture frame you made from wrapped magazine strips. I still want to make one. Could you e-mail me a picture of that?
PS I love the panoramic view... but where is your craft room?

Scott and Becca said...

Nicole - It's right behind RC Willey in Orem. It's so nice to be close to everything!

Courtney - I know, I know, no craft room yet (I am seriously jealous of yours!!) But I'll get a pict of that frame for you... as soon as I find it. :)

Brent and Nicole Wilcox said...

Awesome!! That was in our ward when we lived in Orem. Our bishop was Bishop Bates. What ward are you in?

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