December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve:

After watching Elf and eating a big ol' feast, our little fam drove up to Salt Lake to see the lights on temple square. We arrived just in time to see the nativity program. There was a life-size nativity scene with narration of the Christmas story and added words by the prophet, President Monson. Even though it was freezing outside, I am so glad we saw it! Since having Landon, the story of Christ's birth has touched my heart like never before. How amazing that this innocent, little baby lying in a manger would grow to be the savior of all mankind. Shepherds and wise men came to worship him. The whole thing is just remarkable.
After the nativity scene the lights had still not come on. It was dark. We were getting worried... until at 5:30 exactly the whole square lit up. Oooohs, aaaahs, and little screams echoed across the block as countless lights came to life. It was beautiful.
Of course when we got home we left some cookies and milk for Santa and read The Night Before Christmas.

Landon was so excited for Christmas that he woke up at 2:30am and laid in his crib for two hours squealing. No crying, just legitimately happy squealing. Sooooo, Christmas at our house started around 5:30. We opened stockings and Santa gifts and then Landon was done so we all took a break (and a much needed nap!) then finished opening presents a little later. As expected, Landon loved the wrapping paper most and got spoiled rotten by his grandparents. We had such a nice rest of the day relaxing, snacking, playing with our new toys, and watching Inception. (Deviated a little from the usual tradition of It's a Wonderful Life.)
Unwrapping presents can be exhausting:
On Christmas Landon had his first bath sitting up:
Then got into some new comfy PJs:
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well!
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Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

You do Christmas a lot like us :) I love all your pictures and I get excited to read your updates every time. I'm so glad you had such a good Christmas!

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