May 1, 2010

Scott's Life in Pictures

Look at those ears!!Contemplating life.Scott with his favorite stuffed animal, Puff.I love this one because Scott still makes this face when he laughs.Compare this one to the second to last picture on this post...A little too old for Santa's lap?
Not a happy camper.
Cool Rider.
High school:
Here's that cool rider again...
At my drill team banquet - Scott got a ribbon for cutting our dance music together.
Ocean Shores, senior year (2005)
1st year of college - The girls in our FHE group gave the boys makeovers. Too much fun.
Guster concert at UVU 2006.
Scott just being himself.
Our Disneyland honeymoon in summer of 2007.
I just love this pict because you can see how blue his eyes are. This is Scott helping me bake something yummy.
I accidentally used the wrong attachment when cutting Scott hair - turned out a little shorter than we planned...
Most recent pict of S-co.Scott in 40 years?
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