April 27, 2010

To Do

I just walked into the kitchen asking myself, "What to do, What to do..." I have a never-ending to do list, and the question is always, what to do first? I can't imagine I'm the only one who feels this way. Anyway, I opened a dove chocolate at that moment and the message inside read, "Life is not one big to-do list." Wow. So true. Had to share.
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Taylor and Megan Dicou said...

I love that you share your Dove chocolate message! You are too funny :)
Anyway, I am so glad that you left a comment! I did feel like you fell off the face of the planet, but I know that you're busy--school, baby on the way, Scott (hows he feeling?), and now moving!? I can't believe that! I think you need to start asking the people you're going to live with if they are even thinking about moving in the future and if they are-move on and find something else!!! What bad timing! Are you going to have to move all by yourself or will Scott be back to help you? I wish plane tickets to Utah weren't so expensive, or I would come and help you! Seriously.
About Brothers&Sisters...we are now almost finishing the third season (and we watch the season that's on right now, too) so I can't wait to watch the finale! I don't want to know who dies, but now I'm really intrigued--if its Kitty or Robert, we're going to be pissed! They're our favorite characters. And that's cool that Scott and Scotty know each other :) That is so neat that Scott was able to go and do that. I wish I had some talent like that :)
I can't believe only a month and a half to go until your a mommy!!!!! I hope I get to see the little one :) I miss hanging out with you at recess time :) Its so weird not working. I've been trying to learn photoshop and some design programs to help my sister-in-law out with her logo design company. Hopefully I can make some money doing that--if I'm good enough at it. I was thinking when her business gets a little bigger, you should do it too. You would be good at it. All she does is design websites and logos for small companies and if she gets some help she could take on new clients. Right now she can do it by herself, but she said she is hoping to go bigger soon and will need help. Anyway, something to think about. This is going to be the longest comment ever...so one more thing and then I'll be done. Starting in May I will take some pills to help us get pregnant, so hopefully soon I will be having a baby too :) And if it is a girl we should set our kids up together! Haha-is it too soon to be thinking about stuff like that?! Anyway, take care of yourself! Miss ya!

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