March 18, 2010

Scott's Visit with Emily Deschanel

This past week was quite eventful for Scott....

Monday night: Drove to LA with a couple friends.

Tuesday: They all went to a new media/film conference at USC. Here they got to hang out with some top dogs in the film biz including the production designer of Twilight and New Moon.

Wednesday: Scott visited the set of Bones! He knows the Director of Photography, Gordan Londsale, who invited him out. Gordan told Scott that he gets countless emails from people wanting to shadow him on set, but there's no way to accomodate all those requests. It really says something about Scott that Gordan made arrangements to let him come. They were shooting on location, it an old abandoned prison. When he got there, Gordan had someone get Scott a chair next to his, (you know, those cool film set ones) and a wireless head piece to hear all the action. He was introduced to all the cast and crew as well. At one point, Scott was sitting in a tent with a couple of other crew members, where they had monitors to see what was being filmed. After the director called cut, Emily Deschanel (Dr. Brennan) came in and sat in her chair, which happened to be right next to Scott's. At the same time, the other crew members left, leaving Scott and Emily in there alone. Yikes! But, Emily actually turned to Scott and started talking to him and asking him questions! She was very nice and down to earth he said.

My Wednesday was not as exciting as Scott's but I did have a little surprise at the end of the day. As we were cleaning up the room, a student found a bunch of notes behind the garbage bin. One of the girls in my class told him to leave them there - they were notes to the leprechaun. (By third grade, kids are starting to outgrow the whole lephrechaun thing so I hadn't done anything special.) Well, after all the students left, I gathered up the notes (7 in all). They were so funny! Some excerpts:

"What is your name?"
"Prove that you are real so more people will believe in you."
"Leave me a pot of gold."
"Draw a picture of yourself."
"Tip over Spencer and Sam's desk because they don't believe in you."

Sooooooo I spent some time typing up reply notes, printing them on special paper, and tying them up with green ribbon. I put them in their desks and left some lemonheads as well. I even tipped over the two boys' desks as requested. It was so fun to watch them get the notes the next day! (The picture above is what I had for a drawing of the leprechaun.) How fun it must be, to be so sweet and innocent and totally believe that leprechauns are real!
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Stacy Dean said...

um. awesome. scott's legit. but we all knew that. and you look sooo great! if only we all could look as cute as you. not that i am! but i can imagine me = small hippo when i am preggers. but i'm self deprecating and this comment is about youuuu. anyhoots, so exciting your life is and going to be.

Brent and Nicole Wilcox said...

How exciting for you and Scott. I had a question, actually for either one of you. Brent and I have a wedding picture we really want to blow up but there is a shaodow over one of my eyes. I have no idea whether it's possible to get rid of or how I would go about doing it. Do you have a program that could do it and/or would you be willing to help me? If you are super busy or don't have time, don't even worry about it. Have so much fun, we miss seeing you guys!

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