February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day Excitement

Being a teacher, I not only got to celebrate Valentine's Day with Scott, but also with my class. I had the students write poems about the "Five Senses of Love." They turned out so cute! My favorite one (written by a boy!) went like this:

Love tastes like berry muffins that came out of the oven.
Love looks like the cleanest house.
Love smells like honey from a big beehive.
Love sounds like someone playing soft music on the piano.
Love feels like a new bed with soft covers.

For our Valentine's class party, the parents had the students use conversation hearts to create stories about how "Mr. and Mrs. Winn met." So funny. We played some other games and passed out our Valentines.
Scott and I usually are pretty lame when it comes to holidays. (We didn't get each other anything for Christmas.) But we decided to actually do something this Valentine's Day. Since we live only an hour away from Park City and have never been, we went up there and spent the night. We walked around main street getting some fab picts, eating the best ribs in town, and checking out a bunch of photography exhibits. That night at the hotel we actually got to watch the Olympics!!! (This was very exciting because we don't have cable at home and have been dying to see them.)
The next day we shopped and came home with nothing but baby clothes. Check out the stylin' outfits our lil guy will have:
This coming week is teacher appreciation week. (Yay!) So, my parents decorated my door and I thought it was such a clever idea to tie in the Olympics! All the Olympic peeps have the heads of my students on them. I'm in the middle, standing on a first place platform. Cute!
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Jami said...

Wow, I should have taught elementary school. I can't believe how sweet your parents are to you! That probably makes such a positive difference to feel that they love and appreciate you.

Love the poem they wrote about you :) Love the baby boy clothes. This is an exciting time in your life!

Taylor and Megan Dicou said...

You always get the cutest doors!!! I'm jealous and I don't even teach there anymore!

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