February 2, 2010

Scott the Photographer

This weekend Scott took his friend Ben's engagement pictures. They are AMAZING. So, I had to post for all to see. The sunlight outside was just perfect, and we found some really sweet locations near us to go to.
I am so exhausted! I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble so I decided to buy a pregnancy workout video. I knew this was the only way I would actually start working out. It's not that I don't enjoy it, it's just that exercising isn't on the top of my list. Before college I danced. All the time. At BYU-I I took some dance class, then less, and eventually stopped all together. There was never really a NEED to workout (I know, lucky me) but now there is. I've read way too much about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, both for the baby and me, to not do it. Soooooo, yesterday was my first day with Denise Austin, Fit and Firm Pregnancy cardio workout. Of course, it's the silliest workout ever and I laughed my way through it but by the end I was totally, completely exhausted!!!
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Stacy Dean said...

haha becca i love you. you're so funny with all the talk of never needing to work out. {she notes resentfully} l

anyhoots, i've always wondered about pregger work outs! or this question. If you're like a really ripped chick, with a nice 6 pack thingy...do you have to stop working out your 6 packy when you get preggers? obvi when it gets to be bigger, but one time I saw this lady in a mag and she was pregnant but still super ripped! What up wit dat!? Anyways, I love how I just share all of my random thoughts on your bloggy comments. lol.

anyways, rock on witcho little pregger self!

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