January 5, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

So I haven't really been feeling like blogging lately. Maybe that comes from the depressing reality of going back to school and getting into the routine of things again after a nice long break. I just don't feel like doing anything when I get home. Except cooking. I am on this cooking craze! I think it's because I went for over a month of feeling crappy with evening sickness so I never made dinner and now I want to make up for it. In any case, I was inspired by my mother-in-law's meal plans and decided to make a month long dinner menu. I compiled all the recipes, separated them by type, and put them all into a binder with a table of contents, page protectors and everything. Then I spend a good couple hours going through every one and figuring out what groceries I needed to buy. Sweet Scott came with me on this massive shopping trip and we got EVERYTHING we would need to make all thirty meals throughout the month. So cool!

Anyway, here is a pict of my siblings and me from over Christmas break. We went to stay with the Winn's but my fam came over for a few days as well. It was one BIG happy family! I can't get over how big my brother is now. I still mentally picture him being smaller than us girls, who are older. It's weird when family members grow up and your not around for it.

This is the Winn's new cat and dog. They are so funny together! They just went into the kennel and started sleeping like this. So cute! We are dying for a kitten. We even went to Petsmart the other day just to see the cats.
Scott is super proud of this pict so I had to post it. It took him like 7 hours to edit!

And finally, I had to put in my two cents about Avatar. I was totally not going to go see it. Honestly, I HATE sci-fi movies. I hadn't even seen a preview for it. Anyway, the peeps living above us invited us to go with them so we though, why not? This was also my first experience with a 3D movie. (Unless you count the Honey we Shrunk the Kids 3D show at Disneyland.) At first I didn't think I would be able to sit through it. Pregnancy and 3D do not mix. But, it got better and of course I LOVED the movie. The end.

Oh wait! Shout out to blogspot. I always loathed the four crappy choices for header colors but now they have transparent. YAY! I love matchy things.
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Stacy Dean said...

ohmygosh. I hate when I read your blog and then love it, but don't comment. So I'm commenting today to say that I read your blog and love it, even if I don't comment. which isn't like me anyways. Anyhoots-I heart Avy too! And can I just say...your preggers!!! so exciting! baby bump pics soon yesh?!

love love

Courtney said...

Hey i am glad your back! i totally get where you are coming from with the whole blogging thing!
that meal plan thing sounds awesome! is there anyway you could tell me more details on how you did it! i really really bad want to start something like that but don't know how. I feed my poor hubby soup from a can and sandwiches and hot dogs. or the "lets go out" My e-mail is court.k.mattoon@gmail.com if you have the time i'd love instructions!! thanks and congrats on the baby!! yay

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