November 28, 2009

Our Tree and Turkey

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! The day before Thanksgiving I just couldn’t wait any longer so we bought all the necessities for our first real Christmas tree. The only place that had trees was Smiths, (equivalent of Fred Meyer) but they had a great selection! We got a robust 6 ½ foot grand fir, that smells absolutely divine, for only $25. I thought this was a good deal considering that at the nearby tree farm, they were going to charge 50 bucks a pop. Sheesh. We decided on some cute bulbs, balls, and ribbon; from which I made all the bows, including the topper. (Saving us the $20 that angels and stars were going for). We played Christmas music and dug into the storage closet for the other decorations and it was jolly good day. YAY for Christmas!!!
This was also our first Thanksgiving not with family, so I took on the task of making the feast. I enjoy cooking so it was actually kind of fun! (Minus the part where you’ve been cooking for 5 hours and still don’t have everything done.) I had all the staples and everything turned out really well. Mmm mmm good.
So excited because Tom Turkey was finally done.
I really liked this picture Scott took of the Sweet Potato Casserole.
My favorite Thanksgiving dish is this cranberry apple sauce my mom always makes. It’s just cubed apples, blended cranberries and sugar, but it is so delicious!
Steamin' hot garlic mashed potatoes.
The finished assembly line.
About time - the fruits of my labors.

Also, as a random side note, Scott and I went and saw Old Dogs yesterday in the theater. It was so funny! Very good movie, definitely worth seeing, and one we will buy!

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Linda said...

Wow, these pictures are all beautiful : ) I love your Christmas tree, too. My favorite picture is the red bulb thingy. Oh, and thanks for the old dogs recommend. We will probably see it, too.

Jami said...

Gorgeous tree and food! I thought of you this Thanksgiving because it was my third official year of making the feast; the first was with you at our apartment! :) That was such a learning experience and I'm so glad we did it. I LOVE your special cranberry dish and can't believe it's so easy.

Oh, I looked at Scott's blog and I'm blown away with how talented he is! My goodness, I didn't know he sang on top of it all. I enjoyed looking at all of his art.

Happy Holidays to you both!


Stacy Dean said... that is amazing! Cooking is like-hard. You're awesome girl. Everything turned out becca-rific :)

Anonymous said...

DLooks Nifty,The Cranberry-apple is also a favorite of ours as it comes down from My mothers Grandma. MERRY CHRISTMAS Jeri and DC

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