June 16, 2009

On the Road Again

40 hours of driving + 1 totaled car + 1 high school graduation + 9 tickets to Monsters vs. Aliens for a dollar each + 1 passed out man on the underground Seattle tour + 2 ferry rides + 1 POW + 12 adorable meerkats + 1 stop at the beach + hundreds of pictures = Our fun trip in a nutshell.

These past few weeks went by really fast but we had an awesome trip!

Wear Your Seatbelt
Rough start: Not even 2 hours from home we came to a dead halt on the freeway. Turned on the radio to find out North I-15 was closed down because they were landing a helicopter on the freeway. A 19 year old boy drifted, then overcorrected and rolled three times. Worst part - he wasn't wearing a seat belt. He was in critical condition that night. (We tried goggling it, but never found out if he made it or not.) Don't worry, we got pictures.
Can't Let Go
The first stop: Our old stomping ground. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to drop by Rexburg and hit up the Craigo's lunch buffet before continuing our drive to Spokane. We surprised Scott's sister and grandmother (from Canada) with our arrival. (They being the only ones not knowing we were coming.)

Heather graduated! Scott had his work's video camera (meaning really nice quality) and he got an awesome slow motion shot of all the grads throwing their hats into the air. However, someone right in front of us decided to start chucking tortillas into the air as well. This made for an interesting addition to the shot. For anyone who hasn't seen Monsters vs. Aliens, we highly recommend it! Unbelievably, we actually saw it at an authentic dollar theater. Way worth it! Very funny. We also rode the go cart, took a jaunt around Riverfront park with yummy ice cream cones in hand, watching the silly seagulls. Then we had some girly girl time taking funny picts after family picts.
Our Getaway
After spending quality time in Spok, we were on the road again. Next destination: Anacortes, WA. Thankfully, we got there just in time to photograph a gorgeous sunset. We stayed in a quaint little inn with a jetted tub, fireplace, and breakfast served on actual dishes. The next morning we took the ferry to Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands. Very cute touristy town. Best find: Serendipity - a used book store. I came home with quite a handful of good books.

The next day we hit up Seattle and the underground tour. If you ever visit Seattle, DO NOT miss out on this! Probably the coolest thing to do there!!!! While walking the underground, abandoned streets of Seattle, you learn all about the messed up and scandalous history of this city on the sea. Oh yeah, and we had an old man pass out on our tour, so it was delayed for a while he was carried out and an ambulance came. For Scott, I also sucked up my fear of elevators and went up the Space Needle so he could get some sweet pictures.

Next stop: Bellevue. Here we met Abe, an 80 year old POW from the Santo Tomas Internment camp in the Philippines. Scott is making a documentary for his job about a man named Pete Grimm. Pete is basically responsible for the church being in the Philippines. He has done many amazing things, including leading 600 men to liberate Santo Tomas under the direction of General MacArthur. So, they found someone who actually remembers being in Santo Tomas. Abe was 10 - 13 when at the camp. I interviewed him while Scott filmed for almost two hours. He told the most eye opening and heart wrenching stories. I can't even begin to fathom the things he went through. This picture is of two men he was friends with in the camp.
The last bit of our vacation was spend in Oly with my family. We went to the zoo and saw all the cute animals. We probably watched the meerkats for a good 20 minutes. They are so funny! They just spastically dig holes, take turns being the "lookout" and we even heard them bark! There was a crazy puffin bird who also kept us entertained with his crazy moves in the water. On another day, we went to the beach and climbed rocks, ran through the water, and collected a few shells. I took the picture of the shell shown and am very proud of it! (I almost got completely soaked in the process.) Of course, we visited farmer's market too. We got our picture of the world famous WA apples and we only saw a few strange people. There was a man holding a young boy with no pants. Odd...

Home Again, Home Again
Well, before we knew it, the trip had come to an end. The drive home was horrendously long. We kept stopping to get pictures of random cool looking things, so it meant nearly 14 hours in the car. Now it's back to business. Scott left early this morning to fly to San Fransisco. He's going to be gone for 11 days getting footage for the documentary. Well, I guess I should be thankful for a never ending to do list to keep me busy...
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Stacy and Richard Dean said...

This was the sweetest, coolest road trip ever! I wish I had gone. That must have been fun though, you two lovebirds, capturing the world with all the clicky cameras. sigh. lol. Seriously though, I love your shell picture! Way to sacrifice the body for the shot!

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