March 28, 2009

Early Birthday Present

Since Tuesday is a very inconvenient day for my birthday to land on this year, Scott took me out to dinner last night. Preface: Usually, Scott always manages to give away any surprises he has planned. But, kudos to him because I had no idea where we were going until we pulled into the parking lot... The Cheesecake Factory! Yes, we did drive 45 minutes to get to the only one in Utah, and yes, we did wait literally two hours for a table, but it was worth it. Oh so yummy. The last time we went to a Cheesecake Factory was in Seattle five years ago. We were there for a Brian Regan concert. Oh, memories... And, considering we never see each other during the week, we had so much to talk about! What a great evening.
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Courtney said...

Cheesecake factory is my FAVORITE. i can't believe that such a delicious place is so rare over here. I want to eat there again so bad. My favorite is the Avocado eggrolls i could eat those the rest of my life!! fun fun and happy early birthday!!

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