October 11, 2008

Guitars Unplugged

Last night we found out Scott made it into Guitars Unplugged! Did you know that over 100 people try out and only 28 make it?! They have two shows, one Thursday and one Friday and then the best from those shows play in the big show on Saturday. Yikes! Scott and Ben are scheduled to play Friday but we were going to be in Utah that day so they are trying to switch it... we shall find out. The boys will be playing a song they wrote called "Laundry Day." Any yes, they did write it in the laundry room.
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Deanski's said...

Oh my gosh that is so exciting they got into Guitars unplugged! We'll have to go now for sure! And of course you can use some of my blogging ideas! Your like the coolest person I know so that is flattering bc I think I'm not cool at all! lol. I am obsessive a bit so I love updating and coming up with new ideas. It's sad really, it kills me to wait every other day to write lol. And the trailer is better, but still...It's going to be great no matter what bc I'll be hyper. I invited you guys to go, Richard said Scott wasn't as excited as he let me think so maybe it's just a guy thing, but it will be a fun experience with you guys if you want to go! Anyways, this is long but I hope your weekend is great! Talk to you later!

heart stace

Erin said...

Congrats Scott on getting into Guitars unplugged. Your blog is fun! Just thought I would post a little note.
-Erin Garner

Daddy Winn said...

Hey Scott,

Way to go!! Wahoo!! Awesome job!!

Luv ya,


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